Tuesday, November 18, 2008

One of my quirks. JUST ONE.

Turns out, every time I cross the street, I have to hit the button twice before crossing. HAVE TO. Or I'm convinced it didn't work. Like the first pressing of the button is practice, but the second one is for realsies. Because now the crosswalk is paying attention to the fact that there really IS a pedestrian waiting, and they're serious about crossing. I realized this tonight when I was at a crosswalk with a complete stranger, and the guy hit the button only ONCE. I was surprised by my high level of uneasiness. Was this dude out of his damn MIND? But by a stroke of dumb luck, the little white man* appeared to light our way to cross the street anyway.
I'm sure it was an isolated incident. I KNOW you have to hit it twice. Right?

I know it's a short post, but it's enough weirdness and potential OCD for one night. In fact, go ahead and pretend you didn't read this. Thanks.

*NOTE: Crosswalks are totally racist.


Cindy (and Brian) said...

I KNOW. Totally racist.
That little man should be ASIAN.
I can't touch those buttons with my fingers or else I feel nasty.

BoufMom9 said...

LOL. Thanks for the giggles. Needed it tonight :)

wagontrain said...

...I have to press it at least 5 times. If not 10. Rapidly.