Thursday, April 30, 2009

My Favorite Word.... DOUCHEBAG. As any of my co-workers know, I LOVE saying "douchebag". And actually, it turns out that typing it is quite entertaining for me as well. And it can be used in it's modified forms as well (i.e. douchebaggery or douchebaggedness). It's the 12 year-old in me, but the idea that you can insult someone by telling them they're a sack of vinegar and water makes me giggle.

Douchebag is the only word that isn't an actual cuss word, yet still satisfies just as much when it rolls off the tongue. And it comes without the guilt of an F-bomb. Don't get me wrong, I'm not likely to shout out "douchebag!" at church this Sunday. I'm not completely devoid of social graces. I know the appropriate time and place.

Many thanks to all you douchebags that continue to come back and read the mindless trash that is this blog. :)

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Amanda said...

Your post reminded me of this post from the Pioneer Woman. She has her son say "Juice Bag" over and over again because it sounds like Douchebag. It's kinda funny