Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Breakfast of Champions

Yesterday, we had a potluck at work. As with any potluck, there's always a TON of food leftover. As my co-worker and I peered into the fridge this morning, we were met with several breakfast possibilities, none of which were healthy or typical for breakfast. Please take into consideration that last night I bent down in my kitchen to pick something up, and the button fell, (nay, FLEW) off my shorts. On top of that, I'm still expected to wear a bathing suit in public at least 3 more times during the summer. That should have been enough to convince me to eat yogurt and flax seed for two weeks. SHOULD HAVE.

We settled on macaroni and cheese, and pesto pasta salad. FABU. To add insult to injury...what happens after you carbo-load? A slammin' food coma. At 9:45 am. I'm going to be a stellar employee today. My company is lucky to have me.

*apologies for the blogging hiatus. Been travelling around the east coast for the last week or so. Pictures to come...if I can get my act together. :)

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Laura said...

Jen,this reminds me - I've made that pesto pasta salad a few times since you brought it to the "Oklahoma!" cast party... and it's been a HUGE hit every time!