Monday, January 28, 2008


Hey everyone!

This is going to be a quick post...I'm blogging from onboard the Carnival Victory, somewhere in the Carribean Sea (which also means I'm paying 75 cents a minute for crap internet connections)...I'm on a cruise along with my friend Carla, and the trip is hosted by the band Barenaked Ladies, plus a bunch of other bands, and it's been nothing short of amazing since we arrived! We arrived to the cruise terminal in Miami Sunday, only to all be greeted by Ed Robertson (lead singer of BNL) as everyone boarded the ship. Some of the other bands on board are Carbon Leaf, Guster, and Gaelic Storm, among probably 20 others...check them out if you get a chance! There's so much to do, you forget to stop to eat! I didn't eat until 3pm this afternoon, simply because we were so busy running from show to show (and anyone that knows me knows that Jen skipping a meal EVER is nothing short of miraculous). Tomorrow we stop in Grand Cayman and I hope to do some snorkeling, and Wednesday we're in Jamaica, where we're taking a tour of some of the rainforests/waterfalls. I've developed a talent for falling, so please pray I don't fall trying to climb that waterfall!

I return on Friday night, at which point I'll need to start dealing with my car getting fixed at a body shop. The evening after we left LA, my car got hit while it was sitting in Carla's DRIVEWAY (that's right, not on the street, 'safely' in the driveway). The girl who did it has totally admitted fault, but it's still a pain, and kind of a lame way to start off vacation. I love my car! But right now, I'm barely giving it a passing thought, as we're having a great time!

I'll report back with pictures and stories when I return! Off to's 'formal' night, and everyone has been instructed to wear's like Ireland's 40 shades of green out here tonight. My dad would be in HEAVEN.

Margarita on the Carnival Victory- $5
Total cost of doing this post: $1,622.84
Hanging out with BNL for 5 days: PRICELESS


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Jeff Wilcox said...

You missed a meal? I don't think you've ever done that before. I bet your pants fit a little better now :)