Friday, February 8, 2008

BNL Cruise: Ships and Dip III

At long last, all of you in the blogosphere can settle down, because here are some pictures from the cruise. Enjoy....

Getting ready for the sexiest lifeboat drill ever.

The liquor was free for ONE hour during the cruise...we made the most of it.

At this point, every good gossip blog reader has seen the pictures online of my boyfriend, John Mayer on his cruise (SAME ship as us, just the cruise after ours...DAMMIT, barely missed him) jogging on deck of the ship in the Borat Swimsuit. (If you've been living under a rock and missed it, go here: Little does the rest of the world know that 5 days BEFORE John went out on deck in the neon green nightmare, Ed Robertson (lead singer of Barenaked Ladies) strutted out on stage in front of EVERYONE wearing only a speedo and a cowboy hat. Ed was a trendsetter, if you will:

Snorkeling in Grand Cayman (I'm the one with my arms up that looks like she's drowning). That's our ship, the Carnival Victory in the background.
A fully clothed Ed Robertson (speedo-man from up above) and I comparing bitchin' tattoos. I call this picture "tit for tat".

Some people thought this young lady and I were separated at birth. I'm sorry, we're not related. There's nothing bronze about me.
Does everyone else see something MUCH dirtier than a sealion in this evening's towel animal? Just checking...nah, I didn't either. I wanted to see if YOU did.
If you still can't get enough, there are more pictures of the trip on my Myspace page....


Jeff Wilcox said...

I'd want you in my lifeboat any day!

Vicki (Rinder) Fisher said...

I think my feelings about that last picture would be best expressed by a dialogue from one of my favorite movies:

"Good morning."

"Good morning, Dr. Lecter, may I speak with you?"

"You're one of Jack Crawford's aren't you."

"I am, yes."

"May I see your credentials?"


[shows credentials; Lecter stares, menacingly]

"That expires in one week. [winks and smiles.] You're not real FBI, are you?"

[nervously] "I'm still in training at the academy."

[biting down, as though in anger] "Jack Crawford sent a trainee to me?"

"Yes, I'm a student. I'm here to learn from you. Maybe you can decide for yourself whether or not I'm qualified enough to do that."

"That is rather slippery of you, agent Starling. Sit. Please."

[Starling sits]

"Now then, what did Miggs say to you? 'Multiple Miggs' in the next cell. He, 'hissed' at you. What did he say?"

"He said, 'I can smell your c**t."

"Wait, what was that?"

"I can smell your c**t."

"You're breaking up there at the end. He can smell your what?"

"My c**t."


"No, c**t."


"C**t! C**t! C**t! C**t! Jesus!"

"How do you spell it?"

"C - * - * t."


[Lecter stares menacingly.]

Mr. Person said...

Ahhhh! That last comment was mine. Then I said, "That last comment was mine" but I put it on a different post, which had no comments on it before that, so that looks like homeless crazy.

Good thing I rectified the situation with this thoughtful comment.