Tuesday, February 19, 2008


Ok, another post that has nothing to do with dating. Deal. I'm on a dating hiatus this week (and last week...and the week before...but whatever.). Dating gets tiring...it's hard to go out with new people over and over, get purdy, and be charming and sociable when I really just want to be at home watching Friends re-runs. Sometimes I just need a break from it. I'm still writing to a couple of people from Match right now, so there may be some action next week. And when I say 'action', I'm talking about small talk regarding my favorite leisure activities over chamomile tea at the local Starbucks with someone I've only known online as hottboy6969. That was a joke...dudes with lame screen names like that don't get return emails from me. EVER. Listen up, gentlemen of Match.com:(and in some cases, I use the term 'gentlemen' very loosely), if you've stumbled across this blog today, please note that ANY respectable girl worth talking to does not want to chat with some creep on the internet whose screen name has the words sexy, sexxxy, player, horndog, or the number 69 anywhere in the title. Ew...you don't come off as sexy (or sexxxy, for that matter), you come off as creepy. CREEPY.

Well, look at that...apparently I DID have something to say about dating this week. Who knew I had it in me...I just start typing, and out it comes. But back to why I started today's post in the first place...Scrabulous. I've just discovered it on Facebook, and my sister has me hooked on it. It's great...you can play a game of Scrabble with anyone anywhere, as long as they're on Facebook. Now I'm a loyal Myspace girl, and I still don't get why Facebook is so great, because some of the stuff on that site downright confuses me. I don't get the purpose of adding the "puppy application", or the "lovebug application", or the "super-poke" application. Is standard poking not enough anymore? Now we have to super-poke? These kids today and their social networking sites. Why, when I was a girl, I had to walk (through the snow)to my friends houses in order to poke them...and usually they'd just be irritated with me for coming and poking them incessantly. Nowadays you just click a button, and poke someone without having to even be in the same time zone. I just don't see the point. But Scrabulous is great...it even has a dictionary, so you can play a word, and it TELLS you whether or not it's a word. No guess work, no flipping through dictionaries. It's all there for you. Sometimes I just put random tiles down, and hope it's a word. That's how I ended up playing the word "swale". I'd never heard of it...does anyone know what that means (without looking it up)? I bet Josh and/or Vicki know...these fools read textbooks for a living...their brains have lots of information stuffed in there. Am I right, guys? Do you know???? In any case, if anyone out there is on Facebook and would like for me to swale them at a swale game of Scrabulous, then let me know. We'll swale it up right nice, indeed.


Vicki (Rinder) Fisher said...

Dude, hook me up with Scrabulous! I've got enough strange applications on my Facebook page. I need something fun. I just got done super-poking ya' anyway.

And you caught me. I have never heard of the word swale before. But I will ask the master when he gets back from taking Corinne to dance class.

J.D.Fisher said...

You know, I swale, you swale, he/she/it swales.

Just kidding. I didn't know this one either. But from what I read online, it's like this: Most of the time, it's your "cleavage." When you're in the shower, it's your "swale."

Also, it's Old Norse for "cool." So I suppose you could use it to describe someone who is as cool as a Viking. As in, "Dude, Leif's so swale."