Saturday, April 12, 2008

Spain...first impressions

Buenas dias, dear reader(s)!

I only have a few minutes to jot down some thoughts on my first 24 hours in Spain, and already there´s been some fun to share from my flights to my first day....

-The Madrid Airport looks like Ikea, only there is nothing to buy. You have to take a train to get to the baggage claim. Yes, a train. And incidentally, only one piece of our luggage made it. And it was the piece that had all our paperwork and my shoes. Both mine and Norma´s clothes are currently having a grand time without us travelling the globe. And our interviews start tomorrow (Monday). I´ve been wearing the same outfit since Thursday night. Gross

-Never did I think the first stop in my glamorous trip to Spain would be to a thrift store. But it was. We need SOMETHING to wear. But we didn´t have any luck. I ended up buying a little outfit for interviewing up the street, as well as a pair of jeans and another sweater to change into for sightseeing. I also bought a pair of underwear, which were bedazzled (yes, BEDAZZLED)with the image of a guitar on the front. I feel terribly hip wearing them. ***side note: I´m fat in Spain. Nothing goes over a US size 8. The jeans I bought were an Extra Large.

-Advice: Don´t come to Spain if you are a pig, or trying to keep kosher. If you are a pig, you WILL become someone´s dinner. Or breakfast, or lunch for that matter. And since ham (jamon) is part of every meal, orthodox jews are guaranteed a tough time.

-like most of Europe, the anti-smoking movement falls on deaf ears in Spain. This bodes terribly well for my limited clothing options, which don´t need any extra help in starting to smell.

-Apparently, the subway is a romantic place. Just in one day of riding the rail, we´ve noticed several young couples macking in the subway. It´s THE place to get romantic. Is it the florescent lighting? The recycled air? Who knows? But I know this observation is accurate, as it was confirmed by an american student who was snickering at us as we discussed this revelation.

-anything can become jerky in Spain. They think outside the box here. It goes beyond beef and turkey. Pigs (obviously), goats, and wild boar are all victims of jerky.

-The list is quickly growing of all the food I want to eat before I leave. Unlimited ham? Cheese? Ham AND Cheese? Sangria? Cheap beer? Yes, Spain and I are going to get along juuuuust fine.

I already love it here, and the lack of clothing is just a minor hiccup compared to the amazing place I´m in. Nonetheless, please pray my luggage arrives soon!! More to come...time for breakfast! Perhaps I´ll have...ham.

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