Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Another ethnic day at the gym....

The last time I blogged about a trip to the gym, I talked about my first-ever viewing of the craziness that is Walter Mercado on Telemundo. Today, at the humble 24 hour fitness I go to in the ghetto of Altadena/Pasadena (Whenever I mention the ghetto of either 'dena, Ro laughs at this notion. But yes, there are undoubtedly ghetto parts of my town), I ran into a celebrity...of sorts. I think 'celebrity' is a bit generous, so we'll call him a 'recognizable face'. Nevertheless, it's the only 'recognizable face' at the gym I've ever seen. This afternoon, striding across the cardio floor in his basketball shorts and t-shirt, was none other than this guy:

That's right ladies, eat your hearts out. Pedro from Napoleon Dynamite goes to my gym. Don't be jealous. There is a total lack of hot guys that work out at my gym, so it's about par for the course that our only celeb would be this unimpressive. But if I see him there again, maybe I'll ask him if he's taken his elliptical machine off any sweet jumps.

"Listen Pedro, I don't know how they do things down in Juarez, but here at the Magic Johnson 24 hour fitness, we have a little thing called pride."


Anonymous said...

Hi there, it's Sandy here (I know you IRL thru Cindy). Seriously, I
have laughed more in the past hour from reading your blog than I have in months. You are SO funny.

Walter Mercado - some teachers told me about him and I tuned in. I love how he turns from camera to camera. Looking forward to seeing more posts.

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