Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Economy Rant

I'm a recruiter for a school. With our economic downturn, calls from people needing jobs have become more and more desperate. I have fewer and fewer jobs to offer them, if they're even qualified to apply for them in the first place. I'm beyond blessed to be more financially secure than I've ever been, and the only complaint I have with two jobs is that I work TOO much. I'm sure most of our country's unemployed would tell me to go screw with that last statement. Sorry.

And, as bad as I feel about the lack of jobs I have to offer my applicants, this evening's rant is actually about salesmen. Allow me to explain: these fools are desperate right now. Just as desperate as the unemployed, because a lot of their livelihood depends on commission from selling their crap. And no one has money, so no one can buy their crap. But they're worse, because they are obnoxious on top of being desperate. A craptacular combination. Salesman of the world, hear this: I get that you need to make a living, but the rules have not changed just because the economy has taken a dump. Calling someone five times a day will not make a sale. It will only piss them off.

*Robert from CareerBuilder.com, if you're reading this, yes, YOU inspired this post. I was feeling bad that I can't buy a job-post package from you, but you've rapidly lost my sympathy, and you've crossed over into the 'annoying' category. Leave me the hell alone. And yes, my receptionist told me how much you called today. I was totally screening your ass.

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