Sunday, February 22, 2009

I'm Wanted for Murder.

My roommate has been out of town for the last week. Before she left, she entrusted me to watering her happy, pink flowering plant from her bedroom. She even brought it downstairs to the living room to hang out with my other plant so I could water them together. I was more than happy to, as I'm hoping to add more plants to my house and backyard, so this would be a great chance to test out my green thumb that I SO desperately wanted to cultivate. The following picture is a result of my 'care'.

I'm at a loss...I've given both plants the same amount of water, sunlight, and love. There's a few pink blooms hanging on, yes, but the rest of the plant is heading south quickly. I brought in reinforcements. My mom, a seasoned gardener happened to be at my place on Friday morning, and I told her my concerns. She said, "Maybe you over-watered it. Put it outside on your patio for a day or two, and it should perk up."

And the picture above is what greeted me this morning. It looked even worse. Horrified, I brought the plant back inside so it could spend it's final days under 24-hour care. A sort of "botany-hospice".

Maybe this plant didn't WANT to live. Or maybe my plant killed it out of jealousy. Or just maybe I'm to blame. But no matter who's fault it is, my roomie is home tomorrow. At this point, I need a freaking miracle. This plant is by the front door...the first thing she'll see when she returns from her long cross-country journey. When she asked what happened to her beloved plant, I will simply give this explanation:

"It was Colonel Mustard, in the Living Room, with the lead pipe."

It would be real nice if you all backed me up on this theory.


Cindy (and Brian) said...

I wonder if moving it from its original location was a good idea.

I'll back up your colonel mustard story, no prob.

Daniel James said...

Get an aqua globe. Brought my peace plant back from the grave!! But I don't think you have time to order it, pay the s&h, open it, use it, and save the plant by the time the roomie gets home.

I'll back up your story, but I often confuse the colonel with Professor Plum.

Daniel James said...

By the way, Daniel James = Shannon

pam said...

AWWwww.. I wish I read this sooner while there was still TIME!!! It looks like this plant is a "cyclamen" which usually die from over watering. One of the best ways to remedy an over-watered cyclamen is to take the pot out from under the plant & soil...pour/drain out water that is probably pooling at the bottom of the pot... and put the plant back into the pot. works like a charm. I hope the plant is still alive!

Anonymous said...

Yes, correctly.