Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Birthday Party Madness

I thought I'd share a few pictures from my AWESOME birthday party on Saturday night. My unbelievable friends really outdid themselves with the Tuscan theme and yummy food. I have the best friends on the planet. Seriously, I do. If you met my friends, you'd want to sell your friends and buy mine. But these bitches ain't for sale, so just enjoy the pictures....
Marin made an UNREAL tiramisu cake from scratch. Also, have you EVER seen anyone more excited about cake than me? Wow. You'd think it was Ed McMahon in front of me with a big check from Publisher's Clearing House. Also, it should be noted that it took me TWO tries to blow out the solitary candle on my cake. And it wasn't even a trick candle. Apparently, with age comes decreased lung capacity.
Vrej was kind enough to let everyone know (on my back) that I'm not old yet.
As the night wore on, people started taking artistic license with the letters, and they morphed into something unrecognizable. In Hungarian, I believe it says, "Check out Jen's butt."
Erin, Lisa, and Mike(LMU pals)

Chris, Amanda, and tiny Harrison. We like to corrupt people as young as possible...this little guy is 4 weeks old.

Ariel, half of Geraldine, and Melissa....

One sassy Gordito. Everyone should have a friend named after a Taco Bell specialty.

Lanny trying to make out with me.

Jeff and Marin putting the finishing touches on my cake....

Marin, Sara, and Geraldine.
Everyone should have an old Arcadia street sign and a Jodi lawn jockey in their backyard. You'll be the envy of the neighborhood.

Jeff powering down casserole....
Jerel, Ruth, and Jeff. They think that Ruth choking is pretty funny, and they're right. Constricted airways ARE a hoot.

The tallest and shortest attendees of my party...Clint Manhood and the Midgets (aka Mike, Marin, Sara, and Geraldine)
The beginning of the end. Look at Ro's shifty stare. Let me tell you what she's thinking at this moment..."Thaaaat's right, Yen. Drink all that up. Yes, both glasses. Ah, indeed. My plan to get you completely smashed before the end of the night will be a success." The rest of the evening got extremely hazy after that.
I know more pictures were taken throughout the night, so as I get them, I'll be sure to post them.


Cindy & Brian said...

I am SO SORRY I missed it! You look absolutely sauced. I LOVE it. And that RO...she IS one shfty broad.

Rosalva said...

Of all the pictures I was in that night, THAT'S the one you post. Oh, my friend, pay back is indeed a bitch. Just WAIT until I post the fabulously incriminating pictures I have of you.

Jeff Wilcox said...

What you don't see in my picture is Lanny taking the spoon away after the picture was taken and before I could actually take a bite...JOEY DOESN'T SHARE FOOD!

BoufMom9 said...

GREAT pics! LOOKS like an absolute blast!
LOVE the t-shirt!