Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Thirty RULES.

Well, I did it. I turned thirty. And I freaking loved it. There wasn't one part of the day when I paused and said..."Crap. I'm thirty. This sucks." I didn't cry, I wasn't bummed out...none of that occurred. In fact, something good happens when you turn thirty. I don't know what it is...but I felt somehow liberated from my twenties. Freed. It wasn't the sad end of my twenties, but rather the beginning of something great, and even more fun. Maybe it's finally dawned on me that I'm an adult, and I can start to let go of the stupid things that really don't matter. Have I let go of EVERY bit of neurosis I'd gained from 20 to 30? Hell no! What would I put down in this blog if I let ALL of it go? I just feel like I can start to rise above it now, if that makes sense. And while that's all quite philosophical for a birthday, it's how I felt. This doesn't mean I'm not going to think immature fart jokes and my other ridiculous antics aren't funny anymore (this was an ACTUAL concern my sister had when I shared this revelation with her...and I don't blame her. Fart jokes are the cornerstone of our ultra-highbrow childhood with us and our brother. I couldn't lose that part of my humor if I tried, much to our mother's dismay. Don't worry, Stenchbag. Don't you worry.).

I was born at 7:56am. Wouldn't you know, the day started off rolling over at exactly 7:55, and I looked at my clock as it turned to 7:56. My crazy-accurate internal clock strikes again. Isn't that rad?! I knew it was going to be a good day. I got up, got dressed, put my sneakers on, and went for a jog...determined to start my thirties off on a healthy note. At 10:30, Lancie came to pick me up for our day of hookie from work at Disneyland. (By the way, spell-check suggests changing the word 'hookie' to 'hooker') She brought me a nonfat hot chocolate, and a low fat muffin from Starbucks...SCORE! Still keeping it healthy.

Then health went out the window for the rest of the day as we arrived at the Magic Kingdom. Churros, breadbowls of creamy soup, cookies, ice cream, and margaritas (yes, you CAN get alcohol at California Adventure...and God bless it!) were the order of the day. Here's a few pictures....

The four of us squeezing together behind Jeff's arm in front of Sleeping Beauty's castle. There was a Disney photographer taking pictures not 20 feet from us. But he was dreaming if he thought we were about to pay $19.95 for a picture we could take ourselves. As you can see, it's a totally professional shot. Even though Lancie looks like she's drowning.

What did I get on my 30th birthday at Disneyland? A big eff, that's what.

Marin gave me this ultra expensive necklace, made of only the finest had little "30's" all over it , and it said "Why Grow Up?" Well, I don't know why you would grow up....

The four of us outside the Haunted House...the lines were fabulously short all day!!!

And then there was this hotness we ran into at Thunder Mountain. "Yes, um, sir? Your pants called. Yes, they ACTUALLY called me. LOOK AT THEM. Now listen, they want to sufficiently cover your crotch. And they also are requesting permission for a decent self-tanner for your legs." Needless to say, I don't think permission was granted for either request.

If something is not fun, you have to decide you're going to make it fun. This was the case with King Arthur's Carousel. Hands down, best merry go round ride EVER. Jeff stayed on the sidelines and took pictures of us like a proud papa, because carousels make him yarf. I'm sure he's pleased I just shared that with all (both) my readers.

Ah, the Matterhorn. A must for any Disneyland visit.

L to R: Marin, Me, and line for Space Mountain.

After Disneyland closed, we headed over to Catal at Downtown Disney for a little dinner and drinks before heading home. Marin suggested we toast to my 30th by taking a shot called a "Red Headed Slut". Well, naturally I was in full support of this....It was an awesome day. I couldn't have asked for anything more. And yet, my amazing friends are giving me more. They're throwing me a birthday party at my house on Saturday again, more pictures to follow in the coming days.

On Tuesday, it was Ro's birthday! Yes, for those of you who don't know, we have back to back birthdays, which in past years has yielded some pretty awesome combined birthday parties. Although, one year in the future, I know it's her secret wish to incorporate fellow Taurus and May 10 baby Bono into the mix of the combined birthday extravaganzas. Get the clue, Ro...he keeps canceling on us! *sigh* Anyway, this year, we took my favorite Mexican to dinner at the Velvet Margarita in Hollywood to fete her natal day. It was pure YUM.

And a quick shot of my dinner...the chile relleno burrito. An entire chile relleno dinner (rellenos, rice, and beans) all wrapped in a tortilla. It was magnificent, and I thought I would burst just by eating half of it. The rest of it is earmarked for my lunch tomorrow.
That's about it for now....if 30 is this great, then bring on 40! Whoa. Wait, now that's just ridiculous. Let's not get ahead of ourselves. One decade at a time. Sorry about that.

Sweet Moses, someone slap me. This old lady is delirious.


Cindy & Brian said...

I am glad you got an EFF on your birthday. EVERYONE should get effed on their birthday.
Those pictures of Lancie make me yearn for her robotic charms. I miss her too much. Beep.
And from NOW ON you are no longer that effing ginger girl. You are now a red headed slut.

Cindy & Brian said...

Oh, I TOTALLY forgot! Lancie needs to SHUTUP!!!

BoufMom9 said...

Great pics! (and fabulous captions, as always)
Looks and sounds like a fabulous Effing birthday!