Wednesday, May 7, 2008

I think 30 may already be here.

This morning, as I was driving to work, I started singing along with whatever song was on the radio. At the end of the song, my brain registered what I'd been intently singing along with.

Time, Love, and Michael Bolton.

This Monday, I turn 30. Is singing along to some no-talent ass clown a symptom of this new stage of life? Blech.

If that is the case...29 forever!



BoufMom9 said...

I just read you funny comments on Follow Our Journey and I had to see if your blog did you justice...
Happy to say you don't disappoint! :)

Cindy & Brian said...

You, my friend, have crossed the barrier between Twenty-something coolness and Thirty-something no-talen-ass-clownery.
I have been living here for a while and I have to say I like it better. Thirty-something is awesome. And I don't mean that LAME-ASS show from the late 80's.
But, seriously? I would lay off the Michael Bolton.
Although I missed a year (pregnant with triplets was NOT a good time to host a party) I will be picking up where we left off with the annual 29th birthday party.
This year you are one of us. IN YOUR THIRTIES!!!
Mwuaa Haa Haa!

Happy Birthday, Bitches.