Sunday, September 28, 2008

Missed my chance.... (UPDATED)

I've always harbored a celebrity crush for Ryan Reynolds. While his movie career has never been anything to write home about, he's adorable and funny, and that's enough for me. So when I read that he got married to Scarlett Johanssen over the weekend, I was genuinely bummed. My initial reaction was, "Crap. I've missed my shot with him." Because in my head, I was convinced I had a realistic chance at wooing him. Really, Jen? REALLY?!

Bye-bye, Ryan...we would have been so happy, you and I. But it's time to let you go.

And if we're all being honest, we've all had that split-second moment of disappointment when their celebrity crush was off the market. (Except for my friend Sara...her celebrity crush is Steve bet is that she will be spared this heartache.) You know all the dudes across the US are crying about missing their chance with Scarlett. I know I'm not alone in this, I'm just the only one fessing up to it.

**UPDATE: I just IMDB'ed Steve Buschemi, and it turns out he's been married since 1987. My bad, Sara. But since 1987, I'm sure you wounds have healed. Mine are still fresh.


Wagontrain said...

I'll tell you what - I will work on wooing Scarlett away from him for you. See what a good friend I am?

boongy said...

Steve Buschemi..... mmmmmmm.