Thursday, May 28, 2009

Beer, Transformers, and dorks.

This evening, I enjoyed a few impromptu beers at the Yard House with my roomie and pals. We had a fabulous evening with tons of laughs, but all good things must come to an end, so we headed home. Turns out the real entertainment was on that short stroll back to our casa. We crossed the street from the bar to the Pasadena Convention Center. For ten o'colck at night, there was LOTS going on in there. Inside we could see a huge line of nerds going down the hall. Since we were slightly toasty, we boldly rapped on the window, and motioned to a dork to come over to enlighten us. He opened a door, and proceeded to inform us they were in line to get inside the TRANSFORMERS CONVENTION. Did you know such a thing existed? Yeah, neither did we.

Before we knew it, there was another dork behind us, desperate to talk to our Informer Dork, saying something about some discs he had for him. Then he mentioned Go-Bots. I swear. I can't make this stuff up.

But our rendezvous was short-lived. A security guard made Informer Dork close the door and get back in line. We made our way home, but not before passing by many a dork making the pilgrimage to Transformer-Mecca. We even found a few wayward dorks walking by our condo, and pointed them in the right direction toward their destination.

Just so you know our night was the real deal, roomie took a pic on her camera phone:
I love my town.

If you're out and about in Pasadena tonight, know that the city is TEEMING with nerds. Be sure to have your light saber on you. You never know when you're going to face some sort of Vulcan mind meld. Wait...are light sabers and Vulcan from the same thing? I'm thinking they aren't.


Wagontrain said...

Remember when you talk about these people that this is my son in 12 years...if I even told him you had seen Bumblebee - you would attain rock star PLUS status (since you've already gotten to rock star status with them)

Lindalou said...

I have two son-in-laws who would have gladly joined the line for Transformers convention. It's huge to early 30-something guys who watched every Transfomer cartoon...thousands of times.

I won't even start on my 3 year old granson's Star Wars obsession.

Anonymous said...

it turns out that your super hot best friend, who is a chick, would totally have gone to this event if she'd known of it's existence. Oh, Yen, there's still so much for you to learn....

Lesson #1

light saber = star wars
jedi mind tricks = star wars
interesting speech pattern Yoda has = star wars
john williams score = star wars
billy dee williams = star wars
james earl jones = star wars
princess leia in a gold bikini = star wars
spaceballs = star wars
very hot harrison ford = star wars
best trilogy of all trilogies = star wars

(suck it, godfather and lotr fans. you know i'm right. although the karate kid trilogy is a close second.)

vulcan = lameness = star trek