Sunday, May 31, 2009

Sweet Sounds of the Brits

Couldn't you just listen to someone with a British accent for hours on end? I know I could. No matter what they say, it always comes out sounding classy. They could say, "You see, the other day I killed a bloke by completely disemboweling him, and now I wear his guts for garters because I'm a heartless bastard", and it would sound absolutely dignified. And you'd want to hear MORE about it, just because the accent sounds like linguistic music.

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Laura said...

This is very true. On this subject, the first time I visited England, I was subconsciously expecting the beautiful accents all around me to end after two hours... as though England is simply a movie you can turn on & off. :)

What KILLS me is hearing KIDS with British accents! That gives me an idea. Next time I have a sucky day, I should just youtube search for British children and listen to their accents, and my heart will be lifted...