Monday, June 1, 2009

I am...Chuck Mangione.

My friends shot this video just over a month ago, then tossed it up on YouTube. And tonight, in an effort to keep my momentum of regular posts going I thought, "Why don't I just cast my dignity aside and post that video on the ol' blog?" Which reminds me, I shouldn't listen to every suggestion I give myself. But I'm just so damn obedient.

Two things I'd like you to know before you watch this video:

1. I don't do drugs.
2. And while yes, I do drink, alcohol wasn't involved either. Just pure exhaustion. I was half asleep when this was taken.

Um, enjoy?

*PROGRAM NOTE: Yenny Cash is my alias in the "band" I'm in with two of my favorite ladies, Skmaximus Black and Liz Roswell. I call it a "band" because we've only had one rehearsal, and this and this was what came from it. On top of that, we've only had one paid gig, and we were lip-syncing. Believe it or not, we were ALL music majors in college.


Cindy (and Brian) said...


Daniel James said...

Holy crap, that was just awesome. Your talent never ceases to amaze.

Lindalou said...

Nice job on the horn, little Chuck. You could use some help on your guitar though.