Thursday, June 4, 2009

I'm happy when people aren't afraid to look ridiculous.

I'm a little less annoyed with the Jonas Brothers after watching this. I love when pop tarts look like absolute idiots, and aren't afraid of doing it.

Knowing what a lack of musical taste I had when I was 11, if these guys had been around in 1989, I'm sure I would have followed them to the ends of the earth. I already had that hysteria in my youth with a little band called New Kids on the Block. Don't get me wrong, JoBros, this video has not even remotely turned me into a fan of yours. Your music still annoys me to no end. However, I now have a shred of respect for your ability to create humor. Kudos.

Nowadays, I prefer to sit back and listen to my Barry Manilow CD's. That's right kids. CD's. I'm old-school. Heck, I just joined iTunes two weeks ago. Gimme a break! Ooo, Gimme a Break...that was a great TV show. WHAT'S GIMME A BREAK, YOU ASK??!?!?!?! Ah, forget it...I know I lost you way back at Barry Manilow.


Laura said...

hahaha! Thanks for sharing. :)

This reminds me... Have you been introduced to Miranda Sings yet? A girl that went to APU created this character who's now a YouTube star & entertaining at Broadway cast parties, etc.... A few I recommend searching for when you need a laugh:

Miranda Sings - free voice lesson
" " - Single Ladies
" " - Singing at cast party, parts one and two

And then to fully appreciate her talent, search Colleen Ballinger, the actress who plays her... esp. "See I'm Smiling" and "Stars & the Moon."

The funniest part is that a lot of people think Miranda is a real person & are shocked when they find out it's an act. Haha. Enjoy!

Anonymous said...

ay dios mio. why does he look like paco? and also... i made my comment to the barry post not even NOTICING that you'd made a JoBros post. there's that half-brain at work again.

Lindalou said...

If you like this really need to see Justin Timberlake's version. It was on SNL when Beyonce was hosting. Go to YouTube and search for Justin, Beyonce, SNL. It is hysterical!