Friday, June 19, 2009

I'm the freaking wizard of gardening.

So I picked this from my patio plant. It's the first thing the patio has yielded besides black widows and other 6-8 legged creatures. Things are looking up.
I labored over what I was going to do with the solitary lime. And then it came to me. It was so obvious.

Ahhhhhhh...lovely. But this was obviously not for my own pleasure. It was merely to test the validity of the other 10 budding limes still on the branches, even though they are months from being ready for picking.

Result: Very promising. Margarita party at my house. Probably mid-November. Mark your calendars.

1 comment:

Lindalou said...

A perfect solution for you lovely lime. That much lime could probably support several Corona's. I hope you didn't waste any lime.