Sunday, March 2, 2008


I'm a HUGE Will Ferrell fan, and I would die if I ever got to meet him. I can watch some of his movies and SNL skits over and over, and still laugh. When I was recovering from hernia surgery a few years ago, Ro bought me "The Best of Will Ferrell on SNL" for me to watch while I was recovering at home. I somehow made it through the Blue Oyster Cult and Jeopardy sketches, but when we got to the Harry Carey sketch, I was laughing so hard we had to turn it off, because I was in danger of ACTUALLY busting a gut.

"What's your favorite planet? Mine's the sun."

Anyway, down to business. Last night, Ro and I went to see Will Ferrell's new movie, Semi-Pro down in Marina Del Rey. Let's just say I was glad we didn't pay for our tickets, as Ro had some movie passes to use up. The movie didn't start until 10:15, which didn't bode well for us starting off. We agreed we were awake enough to be able to make it through the movie, but that turned into wishful thinking on our parts. I dozed a couple minutes, as did Ro. Towards the end, I kept wondering what time it was, and how much longer the movie was going to be. Never a good sign. But I've now realized it's never wise to go to a Will Ferrell movie's just not as funny. In fact, the schtick becomes repetitive and (dare I say) annoying. I'd be curious to see it again when I'm fully awake, and see if I enjoy it more.
Semi-Pro had some genuinely hilarious, laugh-out-loud moments. The opening credits that featured his character's hit song "Love Me Sexy" had us howling. And the jive turkey scene...priceless! There's no point in trying to explain it, you'd have to see it, but...

"Did you just call me a...JIVE TURKEY?"
"No man, he'd never call you a J.T. He just called you a cocksucker. That's all."

One of the best thing about the more recent Will Ferrell movies is not about Ferrell, but rather his supporting cast. Case in point, Will Arnett (Arrested Development...reverent pause) and Amy Poehler (SNL) in Blades of Glory. Awesome. Incidentally, Will Arnett had a small role in Semi-Pro, and he totally rocked the porn mustache he had going on...he really plays the hotheaded asshole SO well. Andy Richter was lovable as always, the cameo by Patti LaBelle was awesome, and I surprisingly enjoyed Woody Harrelson's character. I was confused by the casting of Maura Tierney as Harrelson's love interest. She's caught in a love triangle between Harrelson and Rob Corddry's characters (Corddry was also very funny), and I just didn't buy that she could be interested in either of them. She's the responsible, level-headed lady from Liar Liar and ER, and that's how I'll always see her...not as the gal living with some idiot in a blue collar neighborhood in Flint, Michigan.

Will Ferrell has got the character of the loudmouthed, clueless, egotistical idiot down to a science. However, how many different variations of this character can there be before it's been played out? The answer is that it HAS been played out. It's losing it's luster. Of course, he's still a box office draw, and will continue to be. All that being said, I will see Semi-Pro again...when it comes out on DVD. At that point, my brother and I will watch and digest it, and subsequently quote it mercilessly until our parents are on the verge of disowning us.

SIDE NOTE: It should be noted that I wasn't into Anchorman when I first saw it. It took additional viewings to truly appreciate it's awesomeness. I now love Ron Burgundy, and consider myself a disciple of his, so the same thing could happen with Semi-Pro. If my opinion changes (because that could definitely happen), I'll keep you posted. This is why I'd never win an election if I ever started a political career...I'm a self-admitted flip-flopper. So sue me.

SUPER SIDE NOTE: Will Ferrell has odd chest hair. It kind of frightens me.

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