Thursday, June 19, 2008

25 Worst Sitcoms of all Time...

On my way to work this morning, I was listening to Kevin and Bean, and they were listing off the 25 worst sitcoms of all time, as compiled by some website they found. Some of the shows deserved to make the list, but I was frankly horrified at some of the shows that were named, as they were staples of my childhood. I would like to meet this soulless, list making person that was deprived of a decent 80's/90's childhood of quality TV watching. At 10 years old, some of these shows were as natural to me as taking Flintstone vitamins and riding around on my mint green scooter. They were part of who I was as a freckled kid with knobby knees and a boyish haircut. Which might actually explain why some of the shows nearest to my heart are ranked among the worst EVER. Hmm....

I haven't heard of all these shows, but here's the list, with my sporadic commentary in parentheses....

-VERONICA’S CLOSET (I don't really love or hate this show. So I don't think it deserves a spot on the 25 worst sitcoms of ALL TIME.)

-CHARLES IN CHARGE (Scott Baio and Buddy Lembeck? SERIOUSLY?! How can you not love that show?)

-THE NANNY (Fran Drescher's voice IS like nails on a chalkboard, but I actually enjoyed this show overall.)

-WEBSTER (Why do they have to hate on the midgets?)

-THE ALL-AMERICAN GIRL (Margaret Cho's short running sitcom)


-MR. BELVEDERE (Are you kidding me? British butler and a family from Pittsburgh...hilarity ensues.)

-FAMILY MATTERS (WTF?! Urkel? I'm saying it...the list makers were racist.)

-THE ROPERS (Spinoffs...they're a crapshoot. And this one fell flat. How about a spinoff starring Ralph Firley? Now THERE'S a quality program.)


-IT’S A LIVING (I LOVED this made me want a career in cocktail waitressing)

-SHASTA MCNASTY (Never heard of it, but it sounds like a porn star, not a sitcom.)

-GEORGE (Foreman...not Lopez)




-PERFECT STRANGERS (I call shenanigans on this one. I DEMAND a recount. Balki Bartokomus and Cousin Larry Appleton were perfection.)

-MY TWO DADS (Great theme song. Therefore it doesn't belong on the list. And how hot was Greg Evigan in his acid washed jeans? Point made. Discussion closed.)


-MAMA’S FAMILY (Vicki Lawrence in a bad wig? I might be able to get on board with this one.)


-YES DEAR (I agree with this choice. There's nothing that grabs me about this show. It's what to watch when nothing is on, and you're staring at the TV, searching for entertainment. And the fact that this ran for SIX seasons is beyond me.)

-HOMEBOYS IN OUTER SPACE (Ok, a show with a name like that belongs on this list. No argument here.)

-SMALL WONDER Initially, I was incensed by this choice. I loved watching Jamie, Vicki, and that zany ginger, Harriet every week. Then I hopped onto YouTube and saw this. Yeah, I take it back...this show probably deserved a spot on the list.

I think I'm the most upset about Perfect Strangers making this lineup(it should be noted that their theme song is currently playing in my head on repeat). Off the top of my head, there are plenty of shows that should have been shoo-in's for the list. I've broken them into 2 categories: "Awesomely bad" (shows I LOVED that critics would turn their noses up at), and "just plain BAD" (shows that are, in my opinion, total crap).

AWESOMELY bad sitcoms:

Just the 10 of us

Full House....or ANY of the TGIF lineup shows. Family Matters was the only one to actually make the list, and I've already called racism on that one. :)

Hey Dude

Out of This World

Golden Girls

Empty Nest (That spin-off of Golden Girls with Kristi McNichol and "Joe Isuzu")


Bosom Buddies

Gimme a Break!

The Torkelsons

Night Court

Punky Brewster (HEN-REEEEE!)

Saved By the Bell

Step by Step

Just plain BAD sitcoms:

The Jamie Foxx Show

Joey (I'm a die hard Friends fan, but this show sucked. And I really wanted it to be good.)

My Boys (TBS sitcom...this one tries too hard. I'm just not sold on it. Lame.)

Saved By the Bell: The College Years

Saved By the Bell: The New Class

California Dreams

Joanie Loves Chachi (Spinoff syndrome strikes again)

Now, there are some people out there that would argue that all sitcoms are victims of uncreative writing and shallow plots. Yeah, they probably are, but they entertain the hell out of me. But I want to know...what do you think? What have I missed? What other awesomely bad/just plain bad sitcoms should have made the cut? However, if ANYONE says "Alf" or "Diff'rent Strokes" are anything short of genius, I'm going to start throwing things.

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Cindy & Brian said...

When I was pregnant and stuck on bedrest, I think I watched every episode of Golden Girls ever made, including the finale where Dorothy gets married - JUST AWFUL. I would NEVER have done such a thing but THIS is what bedrest for MONTHS drives you to. Golden Girls will ALWAYS remind me of my pregnancy. UGH!