Tuesday, June 17, 2008

One plus one equals...THREE?! Huh?

When I moved into my apartment, I was moving in with what I thought was ONE person. I should have been suspicious when my potential roommate wanted her boyfriend to meet me before she would fully agree to rent the room to me. I just figured, "Ok, that's a little weird. So he's an overprotective meathead. But he seems fairly tolerable, and it's not MY boyfriend. At least I don't have to live with him." WRONG. Turns out I DO live with him. He spends the night here EVERY night. When I first moved in, it started out as a few nights a week. But that increased slowly, and for the past year or so, he's been living here. Using our utilities. Monopolizing our living room/Tivo. I've complained about this before, I know. PLEASE bear with me.

After my previous entry about this, I mustered up my courage to sit my roommate down and tell her that it's not fair that he doesn't help out with the living expenses in the apartment. She was really very receptive, and I tried to be accommodating...I said if he can't afford to chip in for the place, then they should go back to the previous setup of spending a few nights here, and a few nights at his house. She said she was glad I was comfortable coming to her about it, and they talked about it. I came out of the conversation feeling positive about the future. He chose to chip in $100/month. I know, I know...it should be a LOT more. But it was something, and it did cushion the blow when utility bills came. For two months. TWO. And he actually tried to get out of chipping in on the second month just one week before rent was due, but I put the kibash on that. But after that, he decided he couldn't afford to chip in any more (he who has a full time job, and lives with Mommy and Daddy), so come June 1, my assumption was that they would choose the other option of splitting the time between here and his place.


Today is June 17, and he has been here every G.D. night. Without chipping in a dime, or even the slight mention of it. Knowing that it's not ok with me. Now it's gone from them being oblivious and stupid to just outright disrespectful and rude. They KNOW it bothers me, they KNOW he should chip in, yet nothing. And now it's summer, and since he's a big sweaty boy, they pump on the air conditioner at night when a window would easily do. But who pays the electricity bill? I can tell you who ISN'T, and that's Captain High Body Temperature. My favorite thing to say to people when I'm trying to see the bright side of this living situation is, "Well, it's not like she's selling crack off our balcony." Yeah, it's not that bad, and it won't ever be that bad. But, you know what...I'm too annoyed to care about that any more. It still sucks. I would never be that disrespectful to someone I shared a home with.

I'm putting it out there. If anyone that lives in the Pasadena area knows of a great potential roommate or place to live, I'm begging you, PLEASE let me know. I've already started looking, but I'm exploring every avenue, and trying to get the word out. I'm at the end of a rapidly fraying rope. I'm going to have to talk to her again, and I'm not looking forward to it. I'm always too nice with this stuff, and I need to be assertive, and stand up for myself. Please pray I choose the right words to get my point across to her. Even though I'm not fluent in Idiot.


matt said...

Too bad you can't move in with me. You should find a job in the glendora area. My roomates seem to like to fill up every possible square foot of free space in the garage and under the stairs with useless junk they buy at an auction and then try to sell on ebay or something. So far, their plan has FAILED!!!! and i am out of available space to put my own useless junk, in my own home...

Cindy & Brian said...

I could help you translate. I am TOTALLY FLUENT in Idiot.