Friday, August 8, 2008

Is anyone still reading? An Apology.

I’m sorry. This is the longest I’ve gone without doing a post for my blog. I’ve had withdrawals. I've missed blog is my release. In my e-absence, I've come up with ideas for rants/general observances to write about, but one of several scenarios occurs:

1. At the moment I'm thinking of something inspired, I’m not in a place to document my ideas to write down later. While I always used to write notes on my hand in high school, somehow I don’t think “Why do people insist on farting in elevators?” scribbled on my palm conveys that I am a professional employee. So I just hope it sticks in my brain. But it doesn’t.

2. I’m just plain exhausted. And exhausted does not equal creativity in writing.
My computer is packed, and still not hooked up in my new house. This move has been SOOOO long. It’s at the point of ridiculous. The only reason I can do this post is because I'm at a friend's house. Thanks, Cindy!

3. High season for weddings sucks my will to live. No offense to my brides/grooms…I adore them all. I do. But come August, I’m spent. I liken it to my winters in Boston. By February, winter has now been parked over your head for 3 months, and you’ve had it with the cold, ice, and snow. You hit the wall. You’ve had enough. Only winter is not close to being over…there’s still 2 months of cold to go. That’s how I feel right now. I'm done. I’ve hit the wall…and there’s 2 months of consecutive Saturdays to coordinate weddings before I feel like I can breathe.

Short story bad. Posts will now resume.

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