Thursday, July 24, 2008

Bloggers in my neighborhood....

Saw this on another blog, and I thought it might be fun...while my blog list is still fairly short, it's not the size that matters, people. :)

Someone on my blogroll is an amazing mother of THREE seriously cute babies. She is one of the funniest, wisest people I know, and is not afraid to tell it like it is. She and her husband are some of my favorite people, and she's the reason I started my own blog in the first place.

Someone on my blogroll is the grande dame of the blogging world. No, she actually IS.

Someone on my blogroll is not a real person, but he entertains the hell out of me more than any other fictional beet farmer working at a mid-range paper supply company ever could.

Someone on my blogroll is the family of a little boy in Canada who has more courage than I could ever hope for. He's an inspiration, for sure.

Someone on my blog roll is my favorite musician, who is also an incredibly entertaining blog writer.

Someone on my blogroll is my favorite musician who has a separate blog for a Japanese magazine. Doesn't everyone?

Someone on my blogroll was in Oklahoma! with me last summer, and is currently doing missionary work in South Africa for a year. She's such a little go-getter!

Someone on my blogroll has their fingers on the pulse of the white man.

Someone on my blogroll loves her beautiful family of 11, and if we ever met in real life, I know we would be friends.

Totally off topic, but all this repeated typing of the word "blogroll" just makes me want a lobster roll. But since I don't live in Boston anymore, I'm not bloody likely to find one for lunch today. I'll just pretend my veggie corn dogs from Trader Joe's in the breakroom freezer are the same thing. Eff.


Kyle said...

Hey Jen, you may like cheese but, I love cheese. Always will.

Cindy & Brian said...

Awwwwww Shucks, bitches.