Thursday, July 10, 2008

Here's why I love John Mayer.

As you can see on my list of favorite blogs on the right side of the screen, I'm a big reader of both of John Mayer's blogs. I love the way he's SO smart, SO funny, and has a REAL perspective on life that hasn't left him in the wake of his huge success. His most recent entry really struck a chord with me (no musical pun intended). It's about his meeting a 4 year old in Canada named Isaac, who is arguably John's biggest fan. This kid definitely has some special challenges...he suffers from MPS VI. I'd never heard of it. Here's your homework: go read John's post here. Just make sure you come back and read the rest of my post. Don't go off and callously ditch me for John permanently. :)

Done? Ok....

I makes me happy that someone as big as John takes time for kids like Isaac. Whether or not you're a fan of his music, he's getting it right, and using his celebrity for good. And as much as I do LOVE his music (as anyone that knows me can tell you), I'm just as big a fan of John Mayer the person as I am of John Mayer the musician. He's not doing this because it will give him good press, he does it because it's the right thing to do. Which is a lot more than I can say for most of young Hollywood today. (Wow, I totally just channeled my late Grandmother with that last sentence) I'm sure tomorrow's celebrity gossip pics will show John with Jennifer Aniston at the supermarket buying SmartWater (Stars....they're just like us! Breaking news!), without even a mention of the good he's done to bring visibility to this little family.

I've added the blog for The Isaac Foundation to my favorite blogs on the right. The purpose of them starting this foundation is to raise awareness and eventually find a cure for this little known, yet debilitating disease Isaac is suffering from. I'm hoping this post will help the goal of raising awareness in a very small way. Please take a minute to visit their blog and website. For all my fellow blog-lovers out there, I know you'll be hooked on Isaac and his story immediately. I think the blog is written by his parents, and there is one particular entry that gives a touching account of Isaac's meeting with John from their perspective. And it's all being written by his Dad in a hospital waiting room while little Isaac is in surgery. It made me cry. I don't have kids yet, but I'm sure if you're a parent, their story will resonate even more with you.

My thoughts and prayers go out to Isaac and his family, and my thanks go to John Mayer for introducing us to this brave little dude. It's great to know there's good being done in the world. And if that makes me sound like Pollyanna, then so be it. I've got your effing Glad Game right here. Suck it.

Things I'm glad about today:
1. I got a lot done at work today...I felt more productive than I have in a while
2. Had a good workout
3. I have a great family
4. I have amazing friends
5. My dinner RULED...chicken, squash, and eggplant stir fry with black pepper sauce from Trader Joe's...YUM.
6. I'm moving into a beautiful condo in 2 short weeks! (That's right...I'm moving out! But that's a post for another day...)
7. I'm moving.
8. I'm MOVING.
9. I'M MOVING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
10. Cheese

I do promise to come off the lithium for the next post, and be back to my ranty ol' self.


BoufMom9 said...

Thanks for the links to those great blogs. I wll take a look. :)
Congrats on moving! YIPPEE!

Elke said...

Well said.