Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Dodgers, VD, and Kiwis...OH MY!!!

I HAVE to do a new post. I can't stand to see truck nuts every time I open my blog. So I'm sure you're sick of it too.

Let's remedy that, shall we? Here's a few pictures from various events of the last week....

My two VERY favorite things about LA in summertime are Dodger games and going to the Hollywood Bowl. If you live in LA and haven't been to the Bowl, you're missing out. Marin and I went to our first Bowl show of this summer on July 2. Imagine our elation knowing the theme for the whole 4th of July weekend was celebrating the Dodgers' 50th year being in LA. We were in HEAVEN. They played scores from various famous baseball movies (i.e. Field of Dreams, the Natural), and played several pieces from American composers. Then there was a HUGE fireworks show afterwards. What a great way to kick off the holiday weekend! This is a picture taken while Tommy Lasorda was leading the whole crowd in "Take Me Out to the Ballgame". If everyone had something in their lives that they loved as much as Tommy Lasorda loves those Dodgers, the world would be the better for it.
On Sunday, I headed down to Orange County to hang with Sara and Ro. We played cards, watched Sex and the City, played with makeup, and went to dinner. We were having such a girly day, that I'm sure any man daring to come within 30 feet of her apartment started to inexplicably grow breasts, cry at Steel Magnolias, and had the urge to adopt 5 cats.

I love these girls so stinking much, and I wish I could see them more. Before we left for dinner, I felt the need to add accessories. And so I added every one I could get my hands on.

And no, I don't wear glasses. I actually have freakishly good vision, and had to remove Sara's glasses shortly after this picture was taken, because I swear I was about to have a seizure.

On our walk back from dinner, we came upon this awesome piece of American automotive craftsmanship. Careful kids, wear protection. You are entering...the VD zone.

How genius...a one-stop shop for your syphilis, chlamydia, AND herpes needs! I half expected to find a mattress in the back of this van. In fact, I actually peered in the window to make sure no one was sleeping (or "sleeping") in there before I started climbing on it. The coast was clear, so ride the bumper I did! Of course, because of this careless behavior, I'll now have to go get tested at the free clinic.

Last night, Ro, Sara, and I headed down to Largo at the Coronet in LA to celebrate Sara's birthday. Bic Runga (singer/songwriter from New Zealand) was performing, and she was rumored to be having her fellow Kiwi's, Flight of the Conchords, as her special guest. Turns out it was true, so we were all stoked, ESPECIALLY the birthday girl! Of course, it was a GREAT show. Here is Sara before the show, laughing at her birthday cake at PF Chang's. Apparently she thinks desserts are quite humorous....

Of course, you all know about my love of Will Ferrell. So naturally, Stepbrothers is the most anticipated movie of my summer. After being disappointed by Semi-Pro, I'm really rooting for this one to be good. On our walk to Largo after dinner, Ro and I came upon this poster, and we couldn't resist. I mean, could YOU??? Wait, you could? Oh...that's cool. No...yeah, I could too. What dorks.

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