Thursday, December 18, 2008

It's Raining Men.

I WISH it was actually raining men. The title of the post is, of course, referring to the song by "The Weather Girls". There are some songs that I can't help but dance to, even when I'm in the car. ESPECIALLY when I'm in the car. This is one of the greats:

I LOVE this song. It's about the weather. It's about men. And it's wrapped up in some sassy music. All are things I enjoy tremendously. How can you go wrong with "It's Raining Men?" However, now that I've seen the video, the song has lost some of it's...panache. Aside from the dudes doing spins and jetes while wearing speedos and trenchcoats, I've found something much more troubling, dare I say, retina searing about this video.

If you're brave, pay close attention to 2:45 mark. A word of advice to those interested in making/starring in music videos: If you're sinking a bunch of money on a video, and you're a woman of significant, um...girth, please wear a goddamn bra.


Anonymous said...

I was JUST singing this song yesterday all morning. Probably because of the rain (duh). And EVERY woman should wear a bra. I hate seeing random nips.


Cindy (and Brian) said...

HOLY CRAP, those aren't even boob-shaped. They're big jiggly tubes.
Devastatingly awful video. But the song is going on the iPod and coming with us to Chi-town, bitches! Along with some Wilson Phillips and Neil Diamond.
I am still totally pissed at you for that cooter game, btw.
Thanks for watching my kids on Wednseday.
How about a full on conversation in your comments?